How to Erase Browser History?

Whenever you browse the internet, all information that you view will be saved locally on your computer hard disk. It helps to load the web pages faster that you visit frequently by loading files from hard disk instead of downloading webpage again. However, to preserve hard disk space and to keep their internet browsing information private, the people will need to erase browser history. In order to delete browser history permanently, the most effective way is using third party eraser software. By using this application, you can clear browser history and protect your computer privacy.

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Windows and some software programs will store history about what websites you have visited, information about the movies and images you have seen, and the documents that you have used on your computer, etc. Several activities you have performed on you system will be stored on your computer hard drive. Therefore, the computer user has the chance to lose his/her privacy. In order to keep your privacy intact, you need to clear browser history. To erase browsing history, one can make use of privacy cleaner. One can also obtain best tool for erasing files permanently from PC through internet.

This software is extremely helpful to the people who do not want to share their internet browsing activities with someone else. One can easily get browsing record in all major browsers. If you do not want to check your browser history by any third person, then here you can know about how to delete browser history from Chrome, Safari, Explorer and Firefox. The eraser software can protect your privacy by deleting all computer activities permanently. It supports to delete many items like browser history, internet cache, run history, recent documents history, cookies and many more.

This software is designed using advanced technology especially to erase browsing history. It is proficient to delete browser history within short time. It can remove all types of unwanted files like temp files, expired cookies, registry entries from your system. It’s very simple to use and it clears temporary files location that you may not know. It will scan all major areas of your computer, to erase all unnecessary files permanently. You can erase browsing history from Windows as well as Mac computers. If you are looking for file remover for Windows 7, then you can get it through this URL -

The software will not take more time for wiping the traces of internet activities; it leaves nothing at the back. It offers several cleaning options so that you can clean your system as per your need. Along with keeping your privacy intact, it also helps to speed up your system. It makes your system and browser to run faster. This software is capable to clean bunch of junk files and increases the browsing speed. It cleans all junk files instantly and restores your system speed back to a brand new. You can clear browser history without the need of computer experts’ help.

Steps to erase browser history

Step1: First download and install this software on your computer, and choose “Clean Browser Junk” option from the main screen as shown in Figure 1.

Erase Browser History - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

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Step2: Select items that you want to erase and click on “Scan” option as shown in Figure 2.

Erase Browser History - Select Items

Figure 2: Select Items

Step3: Once the PC is scanned, you will get the description about the items which are going to be deleted by the software as shown in Figure 2. If you found this result is correct, then you can click on “Clean” option as shown in Figure 3.

Erase Browser History - Items Found

Figure 3: Items Found

Step4: Finally, you will get the summary of deleted items and then you have to click on “Finish” button as shown in Figure 4.

Erase Browser History - Summary

Figure 4: Summary

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